Our Performance, Guaranteed...

At the heart of our new product offering is a highly targeted email campaign. We are so confident in the size and quality of our database that we  offer our advertisers a performance guarantee with every booking. We are the  only B2B Marketing service  globally which has a performance guarantee. Put simply, if we don’t perform as expected you will not be obliged to pay your invoice. Click the button below to see our recent results.


You can choose from our established 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1600 visitor packages which will cover almost every conceivable sale or contact a member of our team us for a more bespoke quote.



Keeping things simple a typical email in this market  is sent to 5000 contacts and industry average click-through for an email is 2.4%. This would give you on average a return of 120 clicks.  With our starting packages offering a 200 click guarantee you can see how we are so much more competitive.  A popular campaign would be 800 clicks for Metalworking machinery from an email to 15,000 active buyers with Bidderlists. This translates into a clickthrough of 5.3%. If we ever feel we wont meet our guarantee we just send to more records and we have over 40,000 active buyers in Metalworking most months. If we are not able to get the guarantee from email we simply pull our other levers which include, banners, site advertising and social media to make sure we deliver for you.

Not only do we offer the best performance of any of our competition globally we also offer you the very best price guaranteed.

Now, your most successful auction sale is only a phone call away.

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