Bidderlists telemarketing... Find Buyers for High Value or Specialist Assets

Some equipment assets benefit from specific customer targeting. Traditional forms of campaign advertising are simply too broad to find potential buyers economically, especially high-value or specialist equipment or complete plants. Bidderlists Telemarketing is a specialist research and telemarketing programme for auctioneers and asset owners. Combining extensive external research and a detailed analysis of  numerous data points we will create the perfect list of potential buyers. 

Telemarketing creates a list of global prospects for your equipment assets and generates qualified sales-opportunities for your campaign team to sell into.

How Does Telemarketing Work? You send us a list of the assets you are selling, we then interrogate our buyer database and conduct desk research on likely global buyers.  We create a targeted call list and we personally hit the phones to find genuine prospects . These leads are thoroughly qualified to match the sale in question. We provide a detailed report after the project showing how successful the project was.  

A transparent and genuinely effective option for you to spend your marketing budget on tougher projects.  

Email for pricing and more details.